Letter: Don’t blame the hospital staff, they do a fabulous job!

Scarborough Hospital
Scarborough Hospital

A thank you note and apology to NHS staff in Scarborough:

Following two days in the care of the NHS - that included being taken to hospital by ambulance from my GP and being admitted through A&E - I just want to say thank you to the doctors and nurses, and ambulance crew, who have cared for me.

A&E was packed with people but staff working under pressure kept smiling and doing their job. Ambulances were stacked outside while they waited to hand over the patient they had brought in. After nearly four hours in A&E, I was lucky enough to find myself in Lilac Ward at Scarborough Hospital, one of the newest wards there. Four beds in a bay with a shower and toilet off it. Yes much of the hospital is old but this was lovely.

The only one thing that I have left the hospital feeling, however, is cross with some of my fellow human beings. I cannot believe how rude people are to those who care for them. The wards are understaffed with caring people working long shifts. We should be thankful for the care we get from the NHS, it’s not the doctors’ and nurses’ fault that the revenue source, structure and management is screwed up in a lot of cases.

My theory is if you can’t be kind and considerate to the staff then you shouldn’t be allowed to use the services. Every human deserves respect especially when they are caring for you and trying to make you better.

So thank you to all who have cared for me, you are doing a great job working long shifts with lessening resources. I very much appreciate the fabulous service you have given me.

Tina Boden

Hackness Road