Letter: Ebor Academy Filey has my support

It is in regards to last week’s review on Ebor Academy, Filey, that I feel compelled to write.

I fully support the changes being introduced and I feel it would be far easier for the students to embrace the changes if parents had a more positive attitude.

Filey school has clearly struggled in the past like many others have, and like those other schools, drastic changes were needed.

As far as I’m concerned, my children attend the school to learn and with plenty of half terms/bank holidays/teacher training and weekends, they have more then enough time to socialise with their friends.

Education is paramount. Education is a luxury our country is fortunate to have access to.

I regularly communicate with the academy regarding both my children as I believe in working with the school to support them and their education. On occasions I have had queries or concerns, I have found the staff, on all levels, to be extremely helpful and professional.

I see no wrong in the mealtime regime. There is a distinct lack of choice on the teatime menu at home also!

As long as my children are safe, warm, happy and well educated while attending Ebor Academy, I’m happy that the school is doing their bit therefore I shall do mine to support them.

I remain positive that Ebor Academy will prosper, as will my children...regardless of whether there is a full mealtime menu on offer. I for one would like to thank and wish the school future success.

Lisa Shader

Main Street,