Letter: Futurist - Council’s ‘safe’ demolition is flawed

The Futurist theatre, Foreshore Road, Scarborough.
The Futurist theatre, Foreshore Road, Scarborough.

I wonder if you recall the frequent New Year announcements that the Futurist would be demolished by January. Thankfully, that didn’t happen, not least for a last gasp effort to save the iconic structure, but more alarmingly there was no survey at that time!

Now we have a survey and it is a wake-up call.

But the council are now opting for a safe demolition which, in my opinion, is flawed.

Over the past decade Scarborough has experienced torrential rainfall and spectacular fountains have erupted.

Just where do they think all that water has settled ?

Also how has it changed the hard-core at the back and have they considered this in the safe demolition?

I went to one of the last performances and the place was saturated.

If they demolish and start to put the supports in a tremendous amount of water may start to escape through the ground and walls under the pressure of machinery. A 30m hole involves a lot of engineering.

This council has a history of throwing money at pet projects and now they could instigate another Holbeck Hill with potential for a major disaster.

John Pawson

Weaponness Valley Road