Letter: Government need to react to climate change

For a quarter of a century the world’s leading environmentalists and scientists have warned the world about global warming and the increased temperature of our oceans which would melt our polar ice caps.

This would lead to a dramatic effect on weather systems all over our planet.

Two thirds of the world’s drinking water is now contaminated. Water is the single most important ingredient in our lives as we are all made up of 68 per cent H2O.

The El Niño effect in the Pacific has for years increased extreme weather conditions causing death and destruction at devastating levels.

For the last decade this devastation has been on the increase.

Environmentalists have continuously warned of these disasters and were derided by hapless politicians whose self interest obliterated their common sense, ignoring the obvious.

The recent flooding in the UK should wake up the politicians to make every effort to achieve and pursue a viable solution by taking note of the world’s leading experts.

As a founder member of the pioneering Yorkshire marine conservation group The Sons Of Neptune whose campaigning fundamentally changed the EU laws on the disposal of toxic waste into European inshore waters, we aim to see a more responsible approach taken to this most crucial of issues.

The floods in this region have indicated that those bodies in charge of environmental matters have been pathetic to say the least.

It is to be hoped that they will abandon their protracted apathy and at last show respect for the population in this region and throughout the UK, by implementing the best possible solutions to avoid future disasters. We no longer want to see the destruction of people’s lives, homes and businesses through dereliction of duty by those bodies in charge neglecting there responsibilities.

Professor Ian Rotherham of Sheffield Hallam University stated that recent governments have not had a good record on environmental issues and we can equate with his dismay. As an environmental group The Sons of Neptune, who predate Surfers Against Sewage by many years, we constantly monitor all issues in regard to water courses and the oceans with the support of many of the world’s leading scientists.

It is to be hoped that the Government will at last react to the reality of climate change and the consequent implications that will continue to effect this country.

The political spectrum still does not have the will or desire to take a pragmatic and responsible approach to the environment and take the full measures to protect our communities.

To quote Sir David Attenborough “Man is a plague upon our planet”.

Charles White

Scalby Road