Letter: Income from parking charges should benefit the motorists

Firstly I feel all council members should be subject to a means test which would indicate from which soap box a council member was speaking from.

On reading Cllr Backhouse’s comments regarding car parking charges it is apparent he has no idea how these can have an effect on the ordinary motorist visiting town for shopping or any other reason.

Motorists pay both VAT and tax on petrol and on all things needed to use and maintain a vehicle along with road tax etc.

The amount derived in this manner is never used to the benefit of the motorist other than the relative small amount spent on roads and signs etc.

So perhaps Cllr Backhouse could apply to the Treasury for a grant from the surplus.

The last time I visited Redcar the charges for parking were far less than ours and free Saturday and Sunday. What Scarborough Council members should do is worry about Scarborough and not anything else.

I am afraid the council has a dismal record regarding major projects. If they concentrated on the main issues to obtain the best possible results for the assets we have instead of taking the motorist for a ride again they would be doing what they were elected to do.

G Rosbottom

Hatterboard Drive