Letter: Irton - Happy memories of village life

Village of Irton.
Village of Irton.

I was pleased to see you had chosen Irton as your village of the week (Scarborough News, September 17), I was born there in September 1931 and lived in the village until I was 22 years old.

To complement what you say, the village, although small, had excellent facilities with Fletcher’s market garden with a stall in the market at Scarborough, Mr Hart had his cobblers shop, we had Dan Young’s blacksmiths (learned to swear from Dan!) where he shod all the local farm horses, Joseph Cooper’s butchers, Fred Keith on one of the farms with his Jersey herd delivered milk daily to Barrowcliffe, Newlands and Northstead (I started work for him in the school holidays from the age of 10), the local policeman Sam Barningham lived in the village and, as you say, we had Mr Norton lord of the manor.

We were reasonably well served by “travelling tradesmen”. I recall Ringtons coming with a fancy horse drawn trap, the man from Allats, a drapers in York Place, came in his van once a week supplying most of our clothing needs and Mum paid for them in instalments, the man from the Pru’ came weekly to collect the insurance money for policies costing coppers (old money), an old lady on a bike delivered the morning paper the Northern Echo around 3.30pm, a photographer (on a bike) called occasionally to ask if we wanted family photos taken (not many had a camera of their own), and we got the gypsies selling home-made wooden clothes pegs.

There were three car owners in the village and we knew their movements so could play safely in the street, our farmer took sheep to the market at Seamer in the back of his. Happy days!

Les Hutchinson

East Carr