Letter: Put the Futurist Theatre in the hands of a trust for £1

Following the latest failure to try to save the Futurist in Scarborough. Let’s assume the theatre has to come down and we have paid for it through our council tax to be demolished.

Once the site is cleared it would then make the sale of the land a lot more attractive to a developer than it did with the building on it.

Surely Scarborough Council is ‘duty bound’ to recover as much of our money as they can on the sale of such a prominent sea-front vacant development site and if that is the case then this land should be put back onto the market.

We might then have developers coming forward who have other ideas than a miniature Flamingoland attraction right in the middle of Scarborough’s ‘golden half mile’.

The sale of the site to the owner of Flamingoland should be stopped to see if more money could be had from another developer.

Better still, if a theatre trust was organised here for the Futurist as there has been in York to protect the Theatre Royal, our council could sell the Futurist to this trust for £1, just as York Council did and it would open the door for Arts funding.

That way Scarborough Council could spend the million pounds of our money it would have cost to demolish it on something to benefit us all and our Futurist theatre would stay open and everybody happy.

K Kitching

Filey Road