Letter: Raincliffe Woods - Natural haven might never be the same again

If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big shock.

Readers should be aware that this natural haven treasured by local people over the decades for what it is will never be the same again!

At a meeting of Raincliffe Woods Community Enterprise which I attended recently, my concerns about the peace and tranquillity of this special place were stirred by the response: “But, these are working woods now”. I sadly fear that blatant ‘commercialism’ is masquerading under the banner of ‘conservation’ with the valuable timber being spirited off and the waste left on the forest floor restricting light and public access. Further damage is taking place further up the ridge where pine trees (some of them native) are being felled leaving the considerable debris cluttering the ground. A misguided plan this, as the land which is adjacent to a narrow path and farmland is already subject to erosion.

The Scarborough warning here is all that glistens is not gold! Beware of so called Woodland Enterprise projects.

Jayne Anne Strutt,

Save Raincliffe Woods,

Scalby Road,