Letter: Rampant day to treat motorists like cash cows

We were in Scarborough for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, we stayed at the Grand it was great.

On New Year’s Day we went to see the sea dip, but before we went to load the car up for going home, we had parked on Valley Road in a proper parking spot (the day before with a ticket from the Grand). As we passed the bottom of Valley Road near to the sea, I noticed small parking suspension notices on posts. As we left the sea dip we approached from the sea to Valley Road, and where the suspension parking was someone had parked, then like sheep the others had parked.

The traffic wardens were having a field day taking photos and giving out tickets, I was disgusted: to me it was a trap. No road works, nothing to change from when you could legally park there, it was such a busy day for people parking, loads of cars struggling to park. I don’t know how many they caught, but to me, a visitor, it was awful. Everywhere you go on New Year’s Day it is free parking except London and here in Scarborough.

You are treating motorists like an income. On the way in on New Year’s Eve there was a speed camera about one mile of centre which photographed me. Fair enough you need these (I was not speeding).

Brian Naylor

Doric Road

New Brancepeth