Letter: Real good news stories in heart of this church

Re Holy Nativity Church, Eastfield.

On our weekly visits to Eastfield we see a little church in the heart of the community, with a newly-mended roof keeping out all this awful wet weather deluging everybody - thank you, Yorkshire Coast Homes for getting a good job done at Holy Nativity!

And we see the Rev Sam Foster, humbly, not bothered about her title of “parish vicar” or whatever, just spending her energy daily meeting the needs of folk in Eastfield, sharing her love of God in all sorts of practical ways, both in Holy Nativity church and in the busy drop-in centre at Westway Open Arms.

We would respectfully suggest that the two ‘gripes’ in Allan Campbell-Wilson’s letter (Scarborough News, December 31) slurring the situation at Holy Nativity church should more usefully have been addressed by him to the Church Dioscesan authorities. The real good news stories are to be seen right there, right now, happening in the heart of Eastfield.

David and Ro Oliver

High Street