Letter: Searching for descendants of Fell family

Family history search for descendants of Fell family.
Family history search for descendants of Fell family.

I am writing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and I am researching our family tree and have discovered the family came from Scarborough, Yorkshire. Their surname was Fell. The 1901 Census shows George Fell age 42 married to Ellen (Helen) and they had several children, Lily, Maude, Gertrude, Bertha, Elsie, Norah and Fred (there may be a couple that I have missed).

George Fell was born in Malton and Helen was born in Roughton, Norfolk, but all the children were born in Scarborough. I know that Elsie Fell was 15 and working at the Talbot Hotel on Queen Street in Scarborough. I am hoping to find any descendants of this family still in the area. I am quite sure that two of the daughters came to Canada (both Bertha and Elsie).

I would love to hear from anyone related to this family as we would be distant relatives. Please email carol.a@sourcecable.net or carol.a@quickclic.net. Thank you.

Carol Chambers