Letter: Serious issues with college development

In July of this year Scarborough Borough Council’s joint venture with Coventry University was given the go-ahead officially, although it was and is obvious that they had been given the nod some time prior.

As part of the permission certain conditions were to be followed and now it’s apparent that they were sedatives for the objectors.

1. No work after 6pm and no weekend work.

They have worked on several Saturdays and following the visit by some residents they were told that for two months work would continue until midnight including weekends.

2 .£20,000 was given by the university for the expense of running a no waiting scheme on Ashburn Road. But the council just threw out some parking restriction signs and no-waiting cones.

I contacted highways and they acknowledged that a temporary traffic order was needed and that it would require some statutory notices and consultation with local residents who would be affected.

The council fined people without the proper authority to do so. So what happened to the £20,000?

Now someone on the council has said they would get round the problems by making it a private no entry and no access. This is complete nonsense. Instead of “getting around”, why don’t they just comply?

3. The building has gone above the skyline and when completed will cast a shadow over us!

Allegedly there was a two storey limit on buildings on that land. Apart from it having four levels, they built it on a hill!

4. They have, instead of removing contaminated soil as stated, redistributed it!

5. They have failed to rectify the stink of the black sludge from the football end which pollutes our beck.

The council are covering the potential health hazards at the risk of those using it. A bit like building a nursery on Chernobyl! The results of this folly are likely to appear when many of those decision makers are dead and buried.

Finally, how can the college open when the leisure part is delayed?

John Pawson

Weaponness Valley Road