Letter: The location of the ground is an own-goal

Weaponness Car Park
Weaponness Car Park

I attend every home match supporting Scarborough Athletic FC at Bridlington, and would like to make some comments regarding the location of the new ground at Weaponness.

Since being at Bridlington, every season there has been an average of two to three occasions when away supporters have caused damage or trouble and the police have had to go to the ground and intervene. The latest occasion was a Tuesday match against Whitby when a large police presence was required mid-way through the second half to control 40-50 idiots.

The people of Weaponness who are mainly elderly, and live in bungalows within 150 yards of this stadium do not deserve to have the above inflicted upon them, nor the light pollution, noise, chanting and cheering, and supporters leaving the stadium at 10pm. The potential for vandalism along the exit roads is greatly increased on these evening matches.

Do the right thing Scarborough Council, as you have what you really want which is the universities, and they of course, if successful, will need more land to expand their facilities as they grow. Kill off the white elephant (stadium) before it is too late, and never mind the few hundred Scarborough Athletic FC supporters being upset, and locate elsewhere.

CJ Furby

Trinity Road