Letter: Transport - HGV drivers are just doing their job

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I am writing this letter to you out of pure frustration after yet another incident in the town.

I have lived here for most of my life and of that time have spent the last 26 years as a delivery driver, which I take seriously, having a clean class one HGV licence and also the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) advanced driver certificate.

Life is good, other motorists are generally polite on a day to day basis, until, us poor souls, who are only trying to do our job, dare to venture onto the precinct in town.

I really do believe, however, that the general abuse which we as drivers receive is through ignorance to the fact that we are actually allowed to be on there until 11am and not on there “illegally” as I have been so often told through a closed window or a person deliberately walking at an exaggerated snail’s pace in front of you, looking over their shoulder and looking at you angrily. I know we are in the way but we are only trying to do our job.

Simon Appleby

Osborne Park