Letter: Volunteers are needed for talking newspaper service

We are all used to receiving our news instantly these days by TV, radio or internet, but what about really local news, the tit-bits of information and news that apply to our town and the surrounding villages?

This is still only supplied by our local newspaper, The Scarborough News.

Look North on the BBC, or Calendar on ITV, provides Yorkshire news but only mention our town or vicinity if it’s one of the larger newsworthy stories.

For real local news and feature articles we turn to The Scarborough News and its sister papers the Whitby Gazette and the Malton and Pickering Mercury.

Those of us who buy our copy of The Scarborough News and settle down with a coffee to browse the contents are the lucky ones, but what of the partially sighted or blind, or even those who have a condition which doesn’t allow the holding of a newspaper?

This is where the talking news comes into its own.

Run by dedicated volunteers and based in the premises of the Blind Centre on Dean Road (now known as The Resource Centre), our volunteers read the news from the paper and record it onto tape cassette or pen-drive format, and then arrange for distribution to those who would benefit from such a service.

There is no charge to the recipient and the charity relies entirely on public donations to provide the service, no funding of any sort being received from any authority.

This is one of those purely local charities which receives very little publicity but performs an essential service for sight impaired people of our town and immediate area.

However, we always welcome anyone who has a little time to spare to volunteer to be a reader, or prepared to do the actual recording.

We are particularly short of volunteers who are reasonably computer literate who could take on the recording aspect, our recording is done digitally and edited likewise before transferring it to cassette or pen-drive (also referred to as a flash stick.)

If anyone thinks this would be a worthwhile charity they could become involved with, or even to make a donation to the charity, please contact the chairman, Malcolm Bruce Smith at bruce@malcs70.plus.com.

Malcolm Smith,


Scarborough Talking News