Letter: What about the views of Weaponness Valley Road residents?

I feel that most of the residents on Weaponness Valley Road have been badly let down by the council when they gave permission for the university to be built on the land at the back of our properties.

According to the plans Coventry University is three storeys high, but from what height does it start from? All 30,000 cubic metres of earth have been moved and the majority is what the university is sitting on, therefore making the building look more like a four-storey building and nothing like the plans that we were shown.

People who are most affected by the eyesore now have no view other than this monstrosity. Now they want to work until midnight from January filling up this building with concrete six days a week. No thought for the residents.

The council have made Ashburn Road a closed road, with yellow lines. I thought that only the Secretary of State had the power to close a road, not Scarborough Council.

Mrs Woodward

Weaponness Valley Road