Letter: Where would be an ideal location for the children’s home?

Re the children’s home on Sea View Drive.

Oh how I so agree with the sentiments expressed by Mrs J Thornton (Scarborough News, November 12). As one who had the misfortune to live on the Sea View estate, I am well acquainted with the prevailing attitudes to change or to anything or anyone who is ‘different’. Some of the residents see themselves as guardians of the estate with a ‘don’t do as I do, do as I say’ mentality. I have lived in different parts of the UK and abroad, but have never come across people like these (there are exceptions so I apologise to those).

As to Arthur Wigmore’s letter I would be interested to know where he thinks a ‘correct location’ for a children’s home (two children only I understand) would be? Sea View estate is a mixed development of houses and bungalows - retired people, working people and children. There are those who are saying it is a ‘retirement zone’ - no, it is not!

Mrs L Elliot

Westwood Road