Letter: Why we don’t want children’s home

I am writing to you in support of Jennifer Jones regarding 41 Sea View Drive. I am in complete agreement with her as are all our neighbours.

We are well aware that this type of home has to be sited somewhere. Unfortunately, this is not the correct location.

This is not simply a case of “not in my backyard”. I have personal experience of this type of establishment and the problems it brings with it.

One of our biggest concerns is the way the whole scheme has been conducted by Scarborough Borough Council. The whole affair seems to have gone under the radar.

In one communication I had with the council, it said that although the council did not have to, it did run the issue past the South Cliff Residents’ Association. However, a member of the association has denied this.

The residents are having a meeting at my home on Saturday morning at 11am.

Arthur Wigmore

Sea View Drive,