Letter: Why we should allow children’s home

I am writing to give my views on the write up about people left in the dark about the children’s home idea.

I just cannot understand why these moaning people are getting all hot and bothered about being left in the dark about this good idea.

Pity they can’t find anything better to worry about than a small accommodating children’s home.

What harm is going to come through a home being there? These people should be delighted that these children have a place to live with help and safety.

People who are in the dark, as they say, may have been so lucky in their lives that they or their families may have never needed to have such a place to live.

I have been in a children’s home all my child life and separated from the rest of my family. The house mother looked after us and brought us up good mannered, and in a way saved our lives.

These complaining people are too wrapped up and so worried that they are going to lose out or are frightened something really dreadful might happen in their own little world as soon as any little change in their area arises, that they get all kinds of bad images and thoughts. They get carried away, they don’t look into the good, the light, they live in nothing but darkness.

Any small hint of any changes in their own little corners, they are so frightened they might lose out in some way, why be so selfish?

Those who are unfortunate to need such places to live are still a normal part of the society and need treating like that.

Sad to say minds do go astray and people like these complainers start stigmatising instead of having thought for more unfortunate people in the world. Well God help them.

Mrs J Thornton

Church Street,