Letter: Woodland and wildlife at risk

Raincliffe Woods.
Raincliffe Woods.

It seems prevailing silence from the so-called Raincliffe Woods Community Enterprise speaks volumes and is equal only to its misguided vision.

From the start only a selected sharing of information was initially available, strangely focused on Barrowcliff! There is in this case, however, no comfort in the knowledge that such a large and precious tract of our local landscape is in ‘unsafe hands’ which are not being held to account!

Our lovely woodland fringe and wildlife corridor is at risk.

It stretches from Stepney Bank Farm, alongside the Wireless Station, becoming a leafy backdrop to the cemetery and hospital then to Throxenby Mere then flanking Low Road before the picturesque Forge Valley to East Ayton.

What wider consultation has taken place to justify such large scale invasive operations on such a significant and delightful piece of our natural heritage?

Meanwhile, the first effects of this ongoing menace are being felt by regular visitors to the wood, this is apparently just the beginning!

Up on the high ridge that boarders precious farmland native pine trees were planted to prevent soil erosion and land slip. They are ‘felling to waste’ all along this ridge – this means felling many beautiful trees and leaving the debris on the ground! How can this be justified? It seems that the Raincliffe Woods Community Enterprise is bad news for the countryside and for this town, with much of its agenda shrouded in mystery and the so-called ‘board of directors’ somewhat difficult to access, in my view.

This town deserves better. Perhaps the council will take back its duty of custodianship of the precious local resource as a matter of urgency before more irreparable damage is done.

To attempt to redress the information imbalance the public are invited to view the Save Raincliffe Woods website at www.saveraincliffewoods.co.uk and also join in our Facebook debate.

Jayne Anne Strutt

Scalby Road