Library closure is robbing the poor

RE: Eastfield Library closure.

The proposed closure of Eastfield’s library service must rank as one of the most cynical betrayals “ever” in local politics.

Only a few months ago, in the Eastfield by-election, the Conservatives, and especially the Liberal Democrats were promising that not only would Eastfield’s existing facilities be protected by them but that if they were elected they would bring new and better services to the ward. Far from delivering on these promises the current bunch of Eastfield councillors, and their Conservative friends at County Hall, like Robin Hood in reverse, have almost instantly started cutting the few facilities that currently exist in Eastfield. All those involved in this disgraceful decision should hang their heads in shame.

The people of Eastfield, and Osgodby for that matter, deserve better from politicians who only recently asked for their votes in exchange for, among other things, improved amenities. Taking away vital facilities like libraries from wards such as Eastfield where they are desperately needed is nothing short of robbing the poor to give to the rich.

I hope the residents will judge the Lib/Dems and the Tories very harshly at the 2011 elections in May.

Cllr Norman Murphy


Northstead Ward

Victoria Road