Library is a real community asset

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SO, THE Middle Deepdale development is to start.

From the 900 houses stated in the public inquiry, this has now mysteriously risen to 12-1300.

Considering the large unemployment figures in the town, where are the inhabitants to work? Where will they get hospital care, as the local hospital is scaled down to link with York and is already overburdened, especially in summer, and where are the proposed facilities promised at the public enquiry?

Now their one really community asset (the library), is threatened.

This library is a model of its kind with helpful staff, computer access opportunities for social events and so on.

Where is the sense of it all?

Getting to Scarborough library involves a journey too far, with difficulties in transport adding to the congestion in the centre and a fair way for some of us to carry heavy books back to a suitable bus.

It’s ludicrous in the 21st century to be deprived of this facility, as with so many others now.

We are not exactly overwhelmed with facilities on South Cliff.

Margaret Johnson

Cornelian Drive