Litter turning road into a landfill tip

RE: LADY Edith’s Drive litter problems.

Each day I walk my dog (sometimes up to three times). Part of my route encompasses Lady Edith’s Drive between Scalby Road, Throxenby Mere and further afield. The distance between Scalby Road and Throxenby Dam is approximately 1km (that’s about 0.7 miles in old money).

I am dismayed at the amount of litter dumped daily along this stretch of beautiful road. I have even taken to carrying a plastic carrier bag and most days can guarantee to fill it with all sorts of litter; crisp packets, pop/white cider bottles, pop/beer cans, fast food containers, sweet papers, cigarette packets ... the whole spectrum.

There is a large college and a secondary school along the route. Is it pure coincidence that at weekends and during school holidays the amount of litter drops drastically?

Not discounting the litter tossed out of passing cars, vans etc (mostly cigarette packets and tobacco pouches incidentally) there must be a connection somewhere.

The situation is compounded by the amazing fact that there are no public litter bins in the 1km between Scalby Road and Throxenby Dam.

There used to be one situated outside Raincliffe School but that mysteriously disappeared a few years ago.

We will unfortunately never stop litter-louts completely, however, I would suggest that litter bins be situated outside the college and secondary school which I am sure would alleviate much of the problem.

These would also be useful for dog poop bags, many of which end up hanging in the bushes and in the small stream which runs alongside the road.

I regularly meet other walkers who are totally in agreement with me.

Lady Edith’s Drive is one of the main gateways from the town into our lovely woodlands. What must visitors to our area think when they have to drive through the equivalent of a landfill tip to get there?

Dave Landray

Moor Lane