Lives of people in ward come first

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RE: LETTER from Ms Penny Evans ‘Election hopefuls should live in ward’ (April 13), I would comment as follows:

Ms Evans singles out Stepney as the ward where four ‘election hopefuls’ do not live in the area. In fact she mentions that there is one Green, Conservative, Lib-Dem and one Labour candidate who don’t live in the Stepney area but she doesn’t give the reason why she is so opposed to these people just because they ‘don’t live in the Stepney area’.

There are a number of reasons why a candidate may not live in the ward they are representing, for example:

1 There may be a standing candidate from their own party in the ward in which they live which will prevent them from standing.

2 They may have an affiliation with the people who are living in the ward by way of working in that area or have friends or relatives living there.

3 They may have once lived in the ward but still have connections with the people there.

In my case, I am the Labour candidate who Ms Evans refers to. From where I live in the Woodlands ward I can walk through a snicket which takes me two minutes to get to my friends and relatives who live in Stepney. In fact in all walks of life people do not necessarily live in the place where they work or represent the people there. Teachers, nurses, doctors, for example, may not live near their work but that does not mean that their students or patients are any the less important.

As I see it, if I am elected for the Stepney ward, the lives of the people in that ward would be my first consideration but as a good councillor I would be answerable to all the people in Scarborough and Whitby.

Edna Oxley

Coverdale Drive