Local firms need support

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I RECENTLY came across my newspaper cuttings relating to the Scarborough supermarket extensions and in particular letters accusing Green councillors of ‘not voting against Tesco’.

I was not able to respond in detail at the time because I had to be free to make a decision and vote at the planning committee meeting without being prejudiced in advance. However, when I looked at the facts of the applications, it was clear to me that such a large expansion of supermarket space should be opposed on retail impact grounds.

(There are many other reasons for Greens not to support supermarkets, but in the Council my role was as a member of the Planning Committee and some of the other reasons are not Planning considerations.)

I spoke at the planning meeting to point out that the supermarket applications were based on considerable anticipated growth in retail spending by 2016, but that the Institute for Fiscal Studies said that disposable income will not grow at all by then.

So if this is wrong and the Institute for Fiscal Studies is right, I fear a severe impact on our town centre shops.

For this reason I voted against approving both supermarket extensions, and for this reason we need to support our local firms.

Cllr Dilys Cluer

Green Party

Alexandra Park