Location of statue could be improved

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RE SITING of the Freddie Gilroy sculpture.

I’ve read several letters and enquiries concerning the present siting of Ray Lonsdale’s sculpture. Although thousands have viewed and photographed him in all moods of the sea and weather conditions, his placement could certainly be improved.

All seem to agree that he was far more impressive in his previous site nearer the sea, and away from the walling and dangerous road-crossing. We personally loved the impact he originally created, as one walked along Royal Albert Drive.

The main problem was wave action, and possible danger to photographers at high tide, with backs to the sea. All we requested was that it be moved a couple of feet back.

Alternatively, on the approach to where walling began, but not alongside walling. This not only reduces his impact in height, but poses dangers to youngsters climbing over the wall to access seating on Freddie’s shoulders or knees. It’s also too close to the roadway for excited youngsters.

There are those who feel that more people would view him, if he was placed in the shopping precinct. Poor Freddie. I’m sorry, but in the context of his history as a soldier in World War Two, and liberator of the stragglers at Belsen Concentration Camp, he has to be seated in a pose of contemplation facing the North Sea and reflecting on those days which haunted him for the rest of his life.

View him at dawn; photograph him with the backdrop of a glorious ever-changing sunset, or as breaking waves leap shorewards in a frenzy of foam and spume, and it will fill you with deep emotion, which the sculptor appreciates only too well.

I’m pleased to say Freddie will be moved shortly near to his original placement, where residents and hordes of visitors to Scarborough can fully appreciate Ray Lonsdale’s surreal sculpture.

Thank you.

Maureen Robinson

Malvern Crescent