Low energy bulbs are poisonous

I WOULD like, if I may, to add my comments to the letter in the Evening News from Andy Sharp regarding Cllr Allanson’s views on low energy light bulbs.

I read the article myself, and while the councillor did indeed have concerns about the cost of these bulbs, he also touched on the fact that they contain toxic levels of mercury!

How odd then, that Mr Sharp should fail to mention this in his letter, preferring instead to concentrate on the cost of these things.

The toxicity should surely be a major concern to each and every one of us, as I imagine that much of this mercury will find its way into the environment, including our drinking water, via illegally discarded bulbs. I don’t know of any such problem with the incandescent variety.

Rather than their sanctimonious preaching, “warmists” such as Mr Sharp, should look at the damage done by these hideous and poisonous objects and focus their attention on how to deal with it!!

(And, for the record, I also find that the low energy bulbs have a much shorter life span than our much loved “proper” ones!!)

Trisha Scott

West Park Terrace