Ludicrous proposal

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FURTHER TO the letter regarding Mr Goodwill, MP joining the protests over the proposed superstore on Dean Road, in which Mr Goodwill stated his mailbag is light with complaints,

I would suggest to him it may be in the light of the fact that at the initial ‘STATS’ meeting regarding his constituents concern his only reply was that “it is a done deal but I will see what I can do about the loss of residents parking”.

He has therefore given the impression that for some unknown reason he is siding with the proposed applicants and therefore any considerations put forward to him would be a complete waste of their time.

As on addendum the proposal he put forward regarding residents parking in the superstore car park was ludicrous to the extreme, did he check if any of them were ambient or semi-ambient disabled?

I would have thought any intelligent person would have distanced himself by a country mile from the idea rather than taking credit for proposing it.

Mr P Hurst

Columbus Ravine