Make a difference

NEXT MONTH will be seeing leaflets dropping through our letter boxes from people who would like to be our councillors, please read the leaflets and let’s forget the party they represent for once, and vote for the person who has our best interests at heart, as over a number of years we have seen our beautiful town being sold off bit by bit.

The council we have at present, with the exception of a few, does not listen to the people. We will get a large Tesco in Dean Road, if a new super store was to come to this town it should have been out at Eastfield, where new houses were going to be built. With petrol at a high this would be an asset to the residents of Eastfield and Osgodby.

We still do not have a new indoor water park on the North Side as was promised once the Sands was built, all we have there is an eyesore where our outdoor pool was.

There was talk a few years ago about a multiplex cinema on North Street (I believe it was the Shaw family), why not let them build it, that would be a great asset to the town then we would not have to go to York.

Let’s make a difference this year before we lose our Town Hall.

Born and brought up in this town, I hate to see how it is declining.

M Scales

Beechville Avenue