Managers should be shot for such waste

RE: HOSPITAL kitchens.

Maybe you can inform the world through your syndication outlets, a follow up to that excellent programme fronted by Chef James Martin and all the kitchen staff at Scarborough Hospital, on how are the changes in kitchen management and fresh food project succeeding.

Hopefully, the Trust has not knocked the system on the head and has appreciated the terrible waste of food that was present before Mr Martin turned up.

The previous senior management should have been shot for permitting so much waste going down the drain.

I write this note as one who was a patient, initially in the heart unit, full of women, then transferred to the men’s medical unit, where I was never visited by a doctor for three days.

That was until our daughter, a senior staff nurse in York, took up the issue.

Even, after that, nurses told me on two afternoons I was going home – and my wife arrived to collect me.

However, that did not occur, because the consultants needed to sign me out and had gone home.

My case, which was last year, is not the issue, it is the communication between departments, as illustrated by James Martin that was wrong. The nurses were fantastic. It was the bosses who needed to learn a thing or two.

Terry Duncan

Greame Road, Bridlington