Many were against rugby club proposal

RE: YOUR article, Saturday October 22, ‘Blow to Community Events at Stadium’.

It is with total disbelief after reading your article regarding the planning application by the Silver Royd RUFC to broadcast amplified music and sound outside the clubhouse that Graeme Young (Chief Executive of Scarborough RUFC) should pass such a rude and distasteful comment to the residents of Newby, Burniston and Scalby regarding this issue, basically stating that future charity events due to a small number of people who objected will no longer be able to go ahead.

Let’s put this item into perspective, Mr Young. As the article clearly states, you received only 24 letters of support against 129 letters of objection along with the “strong objection” by both Newby and Scalby Parish Council and Burniston Parish Council. Does this not tell you something?

The people living around Silver Royd have a right to defend their neighbourhood against noise pollution, especially in this so called “green belt area”.

This begs the question once again as to why the rugby club was ever built where it was when large spaces on the Eastfield Industrial Estate area would probably have had no objection to noise whatsoever, (perhaps it was the promise of a health village that has not materialised that swung the original planning application in favour?)

Several of the “small number of people” mentioned by Mr Young donate and help on a regular basis to local charity work, not just the RUFC. He is not doing the RUFC any favours with these words and I believe that a written apology through the Scarborough Evening News should be forthcoming.

Derek Raven

Barmoor Close, Scalby