Market Hall’s movie magic

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Congratulations to everyone involved in putting on the film festival in the Market Hall on Saturday.

It was a tough call to go indoors on a nice sunny day but I was not disappointed.

The two minute ‘composure films’ were fascinating and varied. “Track”, about the Jodrell Bank telescope, was a delight along with “Highway Home” and “Twin Piers”, about Whitby harbour. “Candlelit” and “Wind Turbine” were mesmerising.

Sadly, I only had time to see two of the longer films, “Earth Burn at Merzbarn” was a trip back in time following the details of a three-day charcoal burn in the forest and finally “Zoo of our own making” which was a damning critique of capitalism gone crazy in New York.

Well done to all the film makers and organisers, let’s have more of it!

Mark Vesey

Royal Avenue