Market is full of buttons

ENOUGH DOOM and gloom, time for a bit of girl talk.

As a self confessed mad as a hatter knitter ‘motto if it moves knit something for it,’ I have been going round the bend for the last 20 years looking high and low for that button that is just right for my latest project.

I have been in most every button shop I could find from York ‘a bit too far for six buttons’ to Filey, Scarborough and Whitby, but now at last, yesterday I found the place I have been looking for all this time on my own door step so to speak. So you don’t have to wait as long as I did ladies, I will now let you in on my secret shop, but don’t go mad leave some for me.

Scarborough market has a little stall that is full to the top with hundreds of tubes of buttons, I was like a child in a sweet shop. If you need a button I think you will find it there.

Mary Wiggins

Bridlington Street