Maximum frustration for motorists

The traffic management team of Scarborough Borough Council have really come up with a master plan in their attempt to bring traffic standstill to the town.

These clowns have now changed the sequence of the Seamer Road/Valley Road lights to bring maximum frustration to drivers with the result that an accident is bound to happen.

The timescale to allow vehicles to turn right on the inward run down to Valley Road has been increased while the time to turn from Valley Road right towards Falsgrave has been reduced to five seconds.

The result is that only two or possibly three cars can make the turn, and the frustrated drivers who have queued for up to four change sequences to make the turn are continuing against a red light resulting in near collisions with vehicles moving off on the green on Seamer Road.

With the number of cars waiting to make a turn on this very narrow stretch of road it means that vehicles wanting to turn left onto Seamer Road are held back in a single line of traffic, with the result that vehicles are now backed down to the mini roundabout and under the railway bridge.

While on the subject of Seamer Road lights there is absolutely no reason why the set of lights at B&Q and the park and ride should operate 24 hours impeding traffic into and out of town. These should be turned off at 8.30pm and switched back on at 7am. A simple sign on the approach to read “Part-time traffic lights” would alert drivers to approach with caution.

That does work successfully in many other areas, so why does our council seem to think that the borough drivers are incompetent idiots?

I just do not understand why it was necessary to put a traffic light system on the roundabout on the A165 park and ride. With the rules of entering and leaving a roundabout they are dispensable permanently.

RM Hird

Trinity Gardens