Memories of fishermen

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I WAS saddened to hear of the passing on of two well-known bottom enders, namely Harry ‘Baby’ Sheader and Jimmy Whitlow, both well known local fishermen, and two fine men, it is my privilege to have known.

I once asked Harry, if he was ever to write a book, (he knew I did a bit of writing myself), what he might call it? To which he replied: “It ony appens yance kid.”

Then there was the time on the pier when a holidaymaker, remarking on the vastness of the North Sea, got more than he bargained for, when Harry, as sharp as a razor blade, replied: “Aye kid, and that’s ony’t top of it.”

Then there was the tale of the albino lobster, but I could go on and on ...

There have been many good men, all characters, who have graced the bottom end, that is why it is beholden in us all to make sure the heritage they left us must never be allowed to die.

For it’s like Harry says: “It ony appens yance kid.” God bless you two, safe harbour.

TW Ward