Memories: Weathering the storm

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I am writing to you to tell you of my memory of a bad storm in Whitby in the 1950s. I am 78-years-old and I was 15-years-old when the storm came.

At the time I worked in the drapery department at the Coop which is now under different management. It is the building opposite Wellington pub.

Their were four of us working in the upstairs, as downstairs was the shoe department. We couldn’t leave the shop until the water subsided. Even the boats came out of the harbour and landed opposite the railway station.

The four of us had to hang on to each other because of the wind. As we went over the bridge to Church Street I was blown against the iron panel in the bridge and had a bruised cheek. When we got round the corner in Church Street it was flooded where the slip way is now. And I remember there were men there who gave us all piggy backs through the deepest water.

I lived in Helredale with my auntie. I arrived in tears and just flopped down exhausted, my auntie didn’t realise how bad our journey was home. Station Square was flooded up to which is now Boyes.

Mrs V Burland

Hungate Lane