Miraculous discovery of spare cash

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After years of neglect it is good that parts of St Sepulchre Street’s footpaths will be repaired. There is no doubt that that work is long overdue and it is surprising that this work slipped through the county council’s normal programme of work. What I take strong issue with is the way the county council, claiming it faces £90 million worth of cuts, can by magic ‘find’ £1.8 million to give to councillors to address repairs concerns in their divisions. Each county councillor was given £25,000 to spend in their division - so it must have been assumed that every division had an equally worthy set of repairs to do. I doubt that very much. The miraculous discovery of this spare £1.8 million was by pure coincidence found in an election year. It says a lot about the county council’s administration that pots of gold can be found lying about when there are so many pressing needs - and I cite the complete and dangerous absence of a footway in part of Longwestgate as an example of something the council is taking no notice of.

Cllr Colin Challen

Labour Castle Ward

Scarborough Borough Council

Town Hall