Missing files of local architect and builder

Whilst researching the work of my great great grandfather William Robson, architect and builder of Victorian Scarborough, it has become apparent that 10 years of records are missing.

His work included South Cliff, a good example being Avenue Victoria, Filey Road and Lonsdale Road.

William’s architectural style was often particularly decorative with a “dog tooth” effect across the top of the ground floor windows (or higher), and Bramcote school is a typical Robson design.

Among the areas that appear to be William’s (or his Thomas’) work are Station Road, West and East Park Road, Scalby, Falsgrave shopping parade, Ramshill shopping parade and parts of Foreshore Road and Sandside.

Due to the missing records, if Scarborians are able to help by confirming that their property is of Robson heritage this would be greatly appreciated.

I am also seeking a photographic record of William, he was a founding member of the Scarborough Master Builders’ Association in 1901, and this organisation may have had records stored by a local historian.

If you can help please write to me, or call me on 07749 386457.

James Robson-Stern

The Beach House

15 Grosvenor Road

Scarborough YO11 2LZ