Missing out on wildlife

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WHERE have all the song birds gone? The day after the photo in the Evening News, and what the RSPB with the support of the Scarborough Council were organising, several council workers were once again steam cleaning seagull poo off the walls and paths at the Town Hall.

They have left the cliffs due to Peregrines eating the seagull babies in the nest. The RSPB do not tell you how many birds a day they tear to bits and eat alive. Song Thrushes and Skylarks are their favourite food, nothing to do with farmers and never was.

What will the RSPB tell the next generation when there are no small birds left, many have almost become extinct. Also you don’t need powerful telescopes and binoculars to watch these, as the RSPB say spectacular birds. I can watch them out of my window, tearing fledglings to bits on the lawn.

Mr and Mrs P Chapman

Newlands Park Avenue