Mixed feelings on our town’s venues

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WHILE I’M pleased to see that the Open Air Theatre has been restored, it’s very unlikely that I’ll be attending any show there, no matter how much I enjoy the acts that are booked to perform there, though, I would go to the Futurist.

And while I’m delighted to know that some decent acts have been booked to appear at the Open Air Theatre, I would hope that these shows will either be recorded, to be shown on either Yorkshire TV or the BBC, by one of their own crews, to be screened at some point.

Maybe they could present some shows of their own, at some time, since this is a unique venue. A proper music festival might even be possible, with an event arranged in a marquee/big top on the Marvels sight, offering a greater opportunity, in the style of Glastonbury type event.

An alternative would be for some local outfit to record these shows on video/CD, and shown at local venues, as added entertainment opportunities for tourists to spend some time watching, while they are at the seaside.

It’s a pity the old Mermaid building hasn’t been turned into a reserve cinema, where such recording could be shown, programmed to some sensible timetable, so the showings are easily understood.

The same kind of recordings could be made at other venues as well, and also shown. That could be shows at the Futurist, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Spa, Oliver’s Mount racing, Dalby Forest, Bridlington Whitby, Hunmanby grasstracking, circus etc. Promoting these venues at the same time.

We have heard that there are many film crews working in the area. With these venues having special claims to fame, it would only do good. With better promotions developing automatically, if some recordings could be made by somebody.

A permanent entertainment venue on the Marvels sight would do far more good than log cabins. Even a Kinderland replacement would work wonders here.

As for Apollo, they should be regarded as history, who have sacked themselves.

Martin Snowdon

Oriel Crescent