More answers are needed

RE: THE Mere, (Evening News October 3).

How many other people were as surprised as I was by this story?

Why has it taken so long to be told, if, as the report says, it has been happening “over the last 12 years”. It beggars belief that the council have stood by and known what was happening, yet made no moves towards improvement before this. I hope the council have thanked these people for their hard work, for I believe Scarborough people certainly will.

Now they have “voted to accept funding of £36,000 to develop a planning brief for a £3.6m plan ...”. All of this poses more questions than it answers. From where have they accepted the funding? What strings were attached, if any? (The waterpark comes to mind). Where is the £3.6m coming from? Why do they need to develop a planning brief at all? Surely if a group of fishermen can take it into their own hands, and do the work in their own time, then the £36,000 would be better used to reimburse them for all the money they have spent.

What does the head of Parks and Open Spaces do, surely this sort of planning should be within his remit and abilities? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to get this department to do the work, even if it means paying some overtime or hiring a few extra personnel on contract? £3.6!?

If it is to be developed and operated by a private company, then what would be the entry cost for families? They would need to cover the costs of a gatekeeper and security all the year round. Would the fishermen have to buy licences? (they would be looking for a reasonably quick return on investment). How many Scarborough people want to see such an expensive and sophisticated development anyway. Again the council is putting the cart before the horse. Spend £36,000 on a planning brief, then ask us what we think. Surely they should be seeking our opinions, thoughts, ideas and suggestions before they spend that amount, because it is very possible they may discover they do not need to! Who would want to come boating, putting or staying in eco lodges from October through to May?

What tourist research has been done to lead to this conclusion? Would it become another Open Air Theatre? The fishermen may want to come through the winter, but they can do that now freely.

May we have some answers please.

Patricia David

Filey Road, Scarborough