More Woe for drivers

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HOSPITALS ARE supposed to see patients within a given time to meet Government targets.

Therefore, I contend that they should indicate the target time for the appointment in their letters, as per the targets.

Then as a patient one could reasonably decide how to be transported to and from the hospital. If the patient chooses to use a vehicle then they will know what to pay on arrival or choose to be dropped off.

Then if the hospital go beyond their published targets then the patient will not be liable for any additional charges.

Personally, I think if people drop the patient off it will result in reduced revenue and staff could use the space so they are not frightened of being penalised for turning up to work.

People could buy themselves a cheap mobile pay as you go to keep in touch which are a lot less than a fine for parking offences. There are plenty of free parking places in Scarborough where the partner of the patient could wait and enjoy the views.

It’s about time authorities stopped living off the motorist.

John Pawson

Greylands Park Drive