Motorists are easy targets

As usual, the culprits get away with it and the innocent take the blame.

The only reason the traffic wardens receive unjust attention is because those in the town halls and the MPs are out of arms reach.

The former make the unjust and unfair parking regulations and cannot ensure that the law regarding correct markings etc are kept up to date.

The latter are too busy fiddling their expenses and telling more lies to cover their shortcomings to worry about the fact that the motorist is being used as a cash cow that affects, ultimately, everyone.

If all the motorists put their cars in the garage and de-registered them the country would soon be bankrupt.

Facts: VAT on petrol around 70 per cent; VAT on repairs 20 per cent; VAT on other related matters 20 per cent; Road Tax £150; parking £7 per hour average income from parking fines, millions of pounds income from speeding fines.

What the motorist receives: Roads full of holes and sleeping policemen; hold ups for hours due to utilities carrying out work, the area concerned often left unattended for long periods and when opened again, closed again for a different utility doing the same as the former.

What the Government receives: About 70 per cent of the income goes straight into Government coffers.

A Rosbottom

Hatterboard Drive