Mourning decline of the NHS

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IN MY humble opinion before we embark on any costly NHS changes, we should look back to see where we are heading.

I am old enough to remember paying for medical treatment, while earning only £6 per week and having a wife and three children. So I voted for the Attlee, Bevan and Cripps government who were proposing introducing free medical care from the cradle to the grave, paid for by National Insurance. There were teething problems and objections, all were resolved and we ended up with the best free health service in the world.

For over 30 years the service developed and expanded, many serious illnesses such as TB and children’s diseases were eradicated. However, it was decided at enormous cost to introduce a new management structure. Unfortunately people who were taken ill upset the balance sheet. More recently a National NHS computer system was requested, no doubt at the instigation of consultants, this turned into a nightmare, costing over 30 billion.

These obsessions of people wishing to make a name for themselves should take a backward look.

AG Brignall

Hall Park Grove