Moving sand will not help

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AGAIN Scarborough Council is planning to take approximately four feet of our golden sands, from the Lifeboat Slipway to the Futurist, and dump literally thousands of tons of this precious material at the Spa wall.

Robin Siddle from Engineering Services told me that bulldozers and trucks are scheduled to shift this some time in mid-April. It will cost at least £7,000 of public money. He assured me that the dumped sand will eventually do a full circle and return to its original position.

What actually will happen and always has happened is that wave motion combined with tides will deposit the dumped sand to the south, choking rock pools, and destroying all the sea life that inhabit such areas.

What actually will happen and always has happened is that there will be no dry sand above the high water mark, resulting in a mass exodus of holidaymakers, donkeys etc on incoming tides.

What actually will happen and always has happened is black powdered mussel shell grit will replace the golden sands as this grit is lighter than the denser sand it will replace.

What will not happen is that the removal of sand will help protect foreshore businesses from storm surges.

The best and simplest solution to protect the south bay would be to construct breakwaters/man-made reefs along the seafront, below the low water mark. These structures will take most of the wave force, breaking its power. Any resulting damage from heavy seas will then be kept to a minimum.

Removing vast quantities of sand weakens the integrity of the beach leaving it vulnerable to north easterly or easterly storms.

Just one of these storms could completely remove all the remaining sand, leaving nothing but bare rock, stones and mud.

Scarborough would once again be a laughing stock. This time as a beach resort with no beach.

Prevailing westerly winds over the last few years have prevented such a disaster but these weather conditions will not last forever.

Brian Hewitt