MP should join the protests over store

I write concerning the proposed Tesco Superstore on the Dean Road site and the article May 30 headed ‘Guesthouses will get Tesco parking’.

The size of the proposed store is far too big for our little town. The impact on the residents and business is unacceptable. The proposals concerning the management of traffic and parking in the area is affecting local business, putting residents at risk and also depriving them of safe parking or in some cases any parking at all. The parking offer from Tesco does not meet what was previously in place. This offer does not include the daytime neither does it indicate for how many years, they could withdraw it at any time.

The closure of Trafalgar Street West would put residents at risk in an emergency and cause no end of traffic problems. The state of the road up to the present Tesco from town shows that our roads cannot cope with this volume of extremely heavy traffic. Dean Road has been damaged by heavy traffic from the council depot and continues to collapse. A safety report from Tesco is not enough! A fully comprehensive Health and Safety Report from the Highways Department should be carried out.

Despite all the above our MP continues to support this development with little concern for the people and businesses of Scarborough – the very people he is supposed to represent as MP.

I have seen an email from him in response to a constituent’s concern in which he states his mailbag is light with complaints about Tesco. Would it be fair to say his mailbag of letters supporting Tesco is also light? Yet he still supports the Tesco development!

I was at the STATS meeting he attended and was dismayed at his response to the people who were extremely upset and concerned. He suggested this, not very well thought out, parking arrangement then and it was clearly not welcomed, yet he still took it to Scarborough Borough Council and Tesco. He promised to raise the issue of the Corporation Club, situated on the Dean Road site, with the council and Tesco, as no-one had given it consideration in any of the plans, and he failed to do this. I would suggest that perhaps the reason people have not contacted him is due to his complete lack of concern over the effect this new Tesco will have on his constituents and the Town.

He only has to look on the planning department web site to see all the letters from people with grave concerns. They have written to the department who have the power to make a difference, not to an MP who, has clearly shown where his interest lies and is wholeheartedly waving the Tesco banner!

Ali Wilkins

Londesborough Park