My big doubts on store consultation

Tesco still have not submitted their revised plans, this is despite their claim that they had new plans just waiting to be signed off, back in February this year.

Here we are well into August and still no sign of them.

Does our council not realise that these are usual Tesco tactics?

They claim they are revising their plans after listening to the public at the consultations.

I doubt this very much.

All Tesco are interested in is making as much money as possible and killing off the rest of the trade.

Tesco are not interested in the residential area where they are proposing this new store, they are not interested in the residents or their quality of life.

If Tesco were interested they would not now be submitting revised plans, they would be looking at other areas where a store of this proposed size is more acceptable.

They would realise that to have a store of this size with a petrol station both open 24 hours, will have a detrimental affect on the lives of the nearby residents, and will cause gridlock to the town, for which they will get the blame, along with our councillors if they give permission.

Tesco would also realise that to close off a busy road Trafalgar Street West, is not acceptable, and will further help with gridlocking our town.

In view of the way Tesco is going about this and taking their time to release their new plans, our council should now do the right thing, and tell Tesco that the Sainsbury’s application will now go before the planning committee. After all Sainsbury’s did listen to the public, revised their plans accordingly, submitted their plans last December, and as a direct result have received very little opposition, unlike Tesco which has received a great deal of opposition and indeed our petition now has over 5200 signatures opposing the store and the closure of Trafalgar Street West.

So come on Scarborough Borough Council get the Sainsbury’s application on the agenda and stop dancing to the Tesco tune.

Malcolm Short


STATS – Scarborough Town Against Tesco Store

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