My bike is best for travel

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AFTER reading Betty Dawson’s letter, I felt I should offer my view. Although I’ve held a bus pass for over five years, I rarely use it. For ease of travelling into town and convenience when I’m there, I use a motorcycle.

As all parking areas belonging to Scarborough Council are free to motorcycles and scooters, the convenience of parking near to where I want to shop and the saving on my legs and shoe leather, outweighs the free bus ride.

Also the enjoyment of a bike ride makes it more attractive, rain or shine! If I have a hospital visit, I use the bus, as they don’t seem to make provision for motorcycles, even though they’ve been approached to do so.

I feel the town could do more to encourage the use of powered two-wheelers, such as secure parking and allowing them access to the bus lanes.

They fall over themselves to encourage cycling, which the terrain doesn’t suit, unless you’re super-fit!

Stuart Gething

Scarborough Motor Cycle Action Group Rep.

Linden Road