My grave concerns over cemetery mess

I live in Garfield Road at the rear of Dean Road Cemetery.

I quite often pass the grave of my brother on my way home, via Dean Road.

The gate into the cemetery in our back lane is often left open by dog owners and the young bike riders, who do not think it’s wrong to ride over the graves.

Besides the loose dogs running over the graves and making a mess, other dog owners use long stringed leads and still let their dogs make a mess on both grass and grave, but say they are not breaking the laws! In my opinion they mean “I couldn’t care less, it’s not my grave”.

If a dog needs to run in this area, take them on the correct part of the beach or Manor Road Park grass area.

The gate in our back lane should be secured at all times to stop both bikers and dogs making a mess of what is sanctified ground.

Many months ago I went through the cemetery and two women were talking to a policeman and two female community wardens, the women’s dogs were messing on a nearby grave. I asked the policeman if he was going to tell the women to control their dogs. He never replied, but got onto his bike and rode away, and the four women too walked off in separate directions, the dog owners walked towards Manor Road, having given me a foul look with their dogs running about.

Later that day I wrote to the police about it. Needless to say, I got no reply.

Bryan Rutter

Garfield Road