Neglect: Appalled and disappointed at my old town

I’m 36 and grew up in Scarborough. Like so many of my peers, I left to study at university. I now live in Sheffield.

I tend to visit Scarborough more frequently now that a family member has returned and, having undertaken several recent visits, I am absolutely appalled and disappointed at the mess the town is in.

My primary concern relates to the high street. I would have expected that, especially as many of the peripheral streets have become defunct as trading areas (such as Victoria Street and Northway), that care would have been taken to prevent at least the rot of consumer neglect. No.

Signage on even the healthiest shops (such as EE) is splattered with bird mess. I actually noticed that the pattern of mess on the EE header board had not changed since I last visited in July.

This highlights a disgusting disregard for care from the shop owners themselves, let alone the council for allowing this to occur.

The horrific tacky shops of Eastborough have now penetrated Westborough, dragging the retail area into the gutter. It seems that looming banners advertising the outdoor theatre are designed to distract shoppers so that their eyes are not offended by the awful scenes around them.

The seafront is littered with seagulls, giving the impression that it is they who rule the town.

I find it genuinely shocking that the council has let the town morph into a bird-battered ghost town with the visual appeal of a rotting sausage roll discarded by even the hungriest gull.

I can only presume that the council has ceased to exist, that the councillors actually reside in a competing seaside town and are conspiring against Scarborough or it’s all a big joke and we’re waiting for the punchline.

Excuses such as ‘lack of funding’ are not acceptable. For a start, I can send you instructions on how to remove the mess from a shop window at no cost, and I am certain there is an adequate number of cloths to distribute.

Currently, the appearance of Scarborough tells me, and everybody else, that passion and care for the town by those charged with it is dead.

I hear of a new indoor pool and wooden cabins. I hear nothing of restoring Scarborough to Scarborough - at the moment it’s just another seaside town gasping for air. And the gulls are circling.

Graeme Tidd

Shore Lane